Manager – Cold Call EP Review: Dig Me Out Podcast

Jon Chinn of on-hiatus Ohio indie rockers Pretty Mighty Mighty returns with the third release from his new New York City based-band Manager, the five-song Cold Call EP.

What Worked

Opening with the mid-tempo stutter of “Mannequin Pizza Party,” the song evolves into a swirling rave-up that recalls early 90s Ride with a touch less noise and more upfront vocals. The five songs are a testament to Chinn’s relaxed earworm delivery, who always seems to deliver an unexpected hook or refrain. “Copperhead” relies on the rhythm section with a well-placed tambourine to edge along with Chinn’s echoed delivery. The grit gets turned up on “Repeat Offender,” sounding like a lost early 80s post-punk/new wave gem.

What Didn’t Work

Other than the truncated length of the EP, which pairs well with the 2019 EP Landline, there isn’t much to complain about. Each song stands on its own and the five tracks go by in a breeze.

Dig Me Out rating: 👍 Worthy EP

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